Environmental Enrichment

Quality assured products of excellent design, proven efficiency and ease of use

The IPS range of Environmental Enrichment products are carefully chosen for their design, quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use. A wide variety of Housing and Nesting Materials, Chewsticks, Gnawing Blocks and Forage Feeds help to keep animals physically active, whilst providing an enriched environment.

Science Kitchen

Intelligent Forage Feeding, for a range of species.

  • Encourages natural foraging behaviour
  • Pick & Mix specifically for your animals
  • Minimise study variability
  • Pre-irradiated to minimise bioburden
  • Less waste
  • Range of pack sizes, available on request
  • Certification available on request

Our range includes:

  • Forage Grains
  • Wheat Grains
  • Sunflower Seeds

We are continuously developing and adding to our Science Kitchen® range – please contact us for the latest information on additional products not listed here.

For enquiries or to request a sample, please contact: